About Us

Covid-19 Auckland Community Isolation Help is a community group made up of volunteers from around Auckland. We have come together via a Facebook page to assist in this difficult time. We're not a charity or a company, just a group of people wanting to help. 


Operating only during Covid-19 Alert Level 3 & 4, this group strives to support local Auckland communities with assistance regarding:

Grocery delivery

Supportive chat

Pet care


Small errands

Help Requests can be made on the homepage, or a helpline is also available. These Help Requests are monitored by our group administrators who delegate tasks to volunteers as they are received. To make a Help Request via phone, call:

0800 437 674


Volunteers can join our group via our Facebook group link on this homepage. 

We are currently active Auckland-wide. Some areas are better represented by volunteers than others but we have people in most areas. We are coordinating with our local MPs and community organisations to link up with foodbanks and other essential services to vulnerable populations (eg. the elderly, those with mental and physical disabilities, and the immuno-compromised).

Help spread the word that help is available during this difficult time. Share our message with these tiles and let's help everyone continue to be safe and healthy while we are practicing social distancing. 

Covid-19 Auckland Community Isolation Help

We can get through this together!